Day Two: Saturday, July 23

10:00-11:30 am - Program Sessions

Session 12: Deviance
Grace Krause, Rebecca Houghton. Beyond Forgiveness: Sex offenders as the spectres of modern society.
Angela Giess. Potentially criminal? A view of the living conditions of immigrants from Eastern Europe in Germany and the conncetion to crime.
Kerrin-Sina Arfsten. Responsibilized ways of seeing: The Texas virtual community watch and the citizen surveillance at the Texas-US border.

Session 13: Theory
Nikita lahno. Symbolic interactionism as a system.
Kacey Shap. Energy field theory.
Yvonne Albrecht. Interculturality in processes of qualitative research

Session 14: Escape Attempts
Anna Kacperczyk. 'Imaginary line': On the symbolic designation of space in the social world of climbing.
Geir Torre Brenne. Tools of communication: communicative interaction in Russian and Scandinavian live roleplaying.
Olena Prykhodko. Everyday life of success: the representation of ways to success in reality shows.

11:45am-1:15pm Program Sessions

Session 15: Medicine
Frida Petersson. Excusing exclusion. Accounting for the discharge of clients in two Swedish methadone clinics.
Markus Wiencke. Health promotion in everyday life: Therapeutic settings for mentally ill persons in Germany, Chile, and Brazil.
Elisabeth Helmig. Everyday practices of care-giving families: Volcanoes, icebergs, and the gentle pull of casualness.

Session 16: Ritual/Theory
G. A. Bannykh and S. N. Kostina. Professional burning out as a result of everyday activity of university teachers.
Jens Greve. Emotions and rituals.
Magdalena Wojciechowska. Negotiating agency over the escort agencies female workers’ body through (re)constructing the notion of embodiment.

Session 17: Methods
Silvia Scalabrini. Between strangers. Negotiating fieldwork within local PPI arenas in England and Wales.
Irina Szlachcic. The Art of interpretation - some remarks on reflexive methodology.
Marco Marzano and Robert Dingwall. Must social research ethics be regulated? Alternatives to informed consent.

Session 18
Kasia Kruczynska. Social netowrking as a form of identification and socialization among young people.
Marina Yakovenko. Aesthetic images in everyday life.
Martin Harbusch. Narratives of exclusion.

1:15pm-2:00pm Lunch Break

2:00pm-3:00pm Keynote Address: Helge Peters, Oldenburg

3:00pm-4:30pm Program Sessions

Session 19:
Andriy Vornachev. Symbolic interaction in the realization of the pragmatic function of advertisements.
Kristian Fahnoe. Coffee breaks and lunch. Performative regulation and government techniques at a reinventive institution.
Victor Sychevsky. The imaginative method of Alfred Schütz and the semantic structure of the social world.

Session 20: Dramaturgy
Anna Liv Jonsson. Actors, situations and circumstances. Investigating the dramaturgical metaphor.
Cheryl and Dan Albas. Aligning actions as motive mannerisms.
David L. Altheide. Mediated Fear and the Dramaturgy of Insecurity.

Session 21: Multiculturality and Integration
Tim Seidenschnur. „The Lady Doth Protest Too Little“: Antisemitism in an Ethnically Diverse Milieu.
Bernd Rebstein. Communication across language borders: Videography of verbal interaction in bilingual social events in the milieu of migration.
Thaddeus Müller. Housing, social cohesion and safety in a poor neighborhood. The contrasting perspectives of residents and professionals.

4:45pm-6:00pm Panel Debate: The Death of Deviance

7:30pm- Conference banquet

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