Banquet Night

This year's banquet night will take place the night of the 23rd of July, after sessions are finished. It will provide a time and space for a(nother) gettogether.

As has become a tradition at SSSI meetings, there is no general participation fee for the conference, but a fee for taking part in the banquet. Banquet participation will be €60 for faculty participants and €20 for student participants. Further details on our banquet night will be forthcoming.

While you may of course choose to attend the conference without prior notification if you do not intend to present a paper, it helps us manage room capcities and get you a name tag if you do let us know you're coming.
For the banquet, however, we require registration with us before June 25, 2011.

Please register by email to

Please indicate how many seats at the banquet you wish to reserve, and also indicate student or non-student status for each of these. After registration, we will assume that you take part. If you cannot for any reason, or wish to take part and have not registered by June 25, we will attempt to match cancellations with late registrations. Other modes of cancellation or late registration will unfortunately not be possible, since we will have made commitments at this point for which we must be able to trust registration numbers to be accurate.