Student Host Program

We wish to especially encourage the active exchange of ideas between interested students and accomplished researchers as well as between students from different universities and different countries. Conferences are uniquely able to advance such exchange. We would therefore like to especially encourage student participation.

At the same time, we know that conference attendance is straining on student budgets. We here at the conference have, therefore, instituted a special student host program:

Students at Kassel University have agreed to host non-local students for the duration of the conference free of charge. In addition, there is no conference fee, and if students wish to take part in the banquet, participation fees are reduced for students (see banquet page).

We're willing to do everything short of carrying you here!

If you are interested in having a student host in Kassel, please fill out the Application form and send it to

or send it in by mail.

Now, we've gone through all the trouble to create a nicely designed application pdf. We realize that some of you can't fill that out without printing and scanning it again. So, here's for you:

.doc version