Day One: Friday, July 22

10:00-11:30 am - Program Sessions

Session 1: Religion
Krzysztof Konecki. Hatha - Yoga as Everyday Life Religion. A Sociological Analysis.
Carolina Nuti. Laguage of fate. A qualitative analysis of believers' guest books.
Paul Joose. Presentation of the charismatic self in everyday life: Impression management and the maintenance of charismatic legitimacy by the inner circle of the new religious movement led by john de Ruiter.

Session 2: Theory
Alexander Chernov. Imaginative Constructionism in Sociological Theory.
Dmitry Kovalevich. The construction of 'imagined civil society' in the sociological theory of Jeffrey Alexander.
Inna Kucherenko. The imaginative constructionism of Randall Collins from the standpoint of symbolic interactionism.

Session 3: Control and Space
Sergey Trounev and Valentina Palkova. Power and space in post-Soviet Russia.
Laura Neegler. Exploring cultural spaces. Ethnographies of control, resistance and identity in urban life.

Session 4: Forms and Constraints of Psychiatrization
Martina Klausner. The Stabilized Patient. Incorporations and the middle range of psychiatric expertise.
Thomas Scheffer. Guilt and Punishment. Psychiatric Expertise in Adversarial Criminal Procedure.
Samuel Lézé & Fabrice Fernandez. How to evaluate a person? The psychiatric report and its moral uses.

11:45am-1:15pm Program Sessions

Session 5: Potpourri
Oleg Soloviov. The phenomenon of freedom as a factor of processing social information.
Valery Zlotin. Death as an everyday event and a factor of social order.
Tetiana Vornacheva. Psychological problems of symbolic interaction in the information space of a modern society.

Session 6: Sex, sexual norms and sexual play
Joel Best. Sexual panic: Interpreting tales of sex bracelets.
Lauren Marx. institutionalizing sexual norms: The role of homophobia in the oppression of women.
Dominika Byczkdwska. 'My body is my best teacher'. Interaction with the own body in dancer's work.

Session 7: Music
Lyudmilla Nesterenko. The formation of musical preferences of Ukrainian students in a big industrial city environment.
Jan Barta. Oral history and unofficial music scenes: Punk and New Wave in the Czechoslovakian Eighties.
Jalke Vukabratovic. Musical landscapes of the town of Korenica in the post-war period.

Session 7a: Deviance
Thomas Rüdiger and Cindy Krebs. Gamecrime and metacrime. Relevant criminal conduct in connection with virtual worlds.
Fabian Rosenthal. „I love the aberration“: The Idealization of Deviance among Artists
Max Schäfer. Dramatizing Poker as a Game of Skill

1:15pm-2:00pm Lunch Break

2:00pm-3:00pm Keynote Address: Kenneth Plummer, Essex

3:00pm-4:30pm Program Sessions

Session 8: Identity
Elaine Stephens. Identity and social interactionism.
Irene Psaroudakis. Self in the frame of the setting stage.
Sandra Abegglan. Photographs as a mode and medium for the construction of self through time.

Session 9: Deviance
Susanne Liljeholm Hansson. Handling the risk dilemmas of crime prevention and the construction of at-risk youth.
John M. Johnson, Franciso Alatorre, Davidd Berg, Roy janisch, Abu Mboka, Elisabeth Mclin, Andrey Melnikov, Jennifer Murray, Scott Renshaw, Timothy Rowlands, Kyrsten Sinema. Imagination.
Cheryl and Dan Albas. Maintaining Interaction Within a Closed Awareness Context in Potentially Problematic Situations.

Session 10: Work and Careers
Piotr Miller. Professional careers outside the organization. A symbolic interactionist look at Polish freelancers.
Robert Prus and Scott Grills. Doing management work. Latitude, mystique and accountability.
Andreas Prokop. Boundaries of Normality – Can Seemingly Monstrous Acts of Juvenile Violence Be Traced Back to Normal Minds?

Session 11
Tamilla Johansson. The Positive Selling Society: personality demands on the Swedish labour market.
Harry Hiller. Symbolic interaction and the Olympics.
Alexandra Yakovenko. The Problems of Constructing a Mathematical Model of the Social Process in Sociological Theorizing of James Coleman.

4:45pm-6:00pm Special Interactive Address: Thomas Scheff, Santa Barbara

6:00pm- barbecue on the department lawn

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